Feb 26, 2024Compound Insights, Phil Taylor

What a Significant Analytical Approach to Asset Allocation Says

Compound Insights. Hear a long run analytical view from a former Chair of CFA Society New York, Episode 94. A conversation with Phil Taylor, CFA.

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Mar 17, 2023Rachel Hicks, Phil Taylor

Why the wealth management industry can't access better risk analysis

Philip Taylor spoke to Business Reporter’s Rachel Hicks recently about the ever-increasing need for technology solutions in the investment and wealth management businesses. 

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Mar 16, 2023Craig Iskowitz, Phil Taylor

Building 100,000 Portfolios via APIs

Come on in and sit back relax, you’re listening to Episode 180 of the WealthTech Today podcast. Building 100,000 Portfolios via APIs with Phil Taylor, FinMason.

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