Welcome to Simpler investment analytics

FinMason simplifies access to market data and complex investment analytics. Add professional investment analytics to your tools in a snap!

Our Vision

  • At FinMason we believe that institutional-grade investment analytics should be made part of every software tool.
  • We solve the two largest hurdles – wrangling market data and calculating analytics at scale.
  • Via our cloud based API we provide a lightning-fast customizable calculation engine to accelerate any wealth technology build out.

Our Product

Outdated data sources make it difficult to build financial software.

FinMason is fixing that. Our API is designed to allow customers to easily incorporate data and portfolio analytics on every major investment product in the world.

Built for Developers

We have designed our single API to be extremely easy to implement, with full deployments in as a little as a few days. It is ideal for prototyping, rapid development, and A/B testing.

100% Cloud-Based Architecture

Our API is lightning-fast, quick-to-implement, scalable, and flexible, which makes for an interactive user experience.

Trusted by the World’s Largest and Leading Financial Institutions

Clients we serve

Asset Owners

Asset Managers

Wealth Advisors

Software Platforms

Custody Banks

Insurance Companies




Trust Banks



Vendor Partners / Data Sources

What we can do For you

Portfolio Comparison / Proposal Generation

Produce customized, understandable before-and-after reports for your advisors and their clients.

Cost Effective Components

Easily add Risk Scores, ESG, and other Metrics to an existing technology tool at a reasonable cost.

Lite Planning Tool

Easily explain plan trade-offs for the other 90% of an advisor's clients.

Compliance Monitoring

Enable compliance officers and fiduciaries to monitor portfolios for appropriate risk and IPS compliance.

Portfolio Construction

Help advisors to construct client portfolios in a visual optimization tool.

Custom Calculations

Add your own calculations to a cost-effective, high-performance environment.

Custom Indexing

Allow advisors to create custom index portfolios with ESG and style tilts.

One-Stop Source

Wrangling many awkward market data sources through a few lines of code.

Volume, Speed, Depth, Flexibility

50 million

Portfolios Analyzed


Average API Response Time


Analytics on Every Traded Asset

5 days

To Add a New Analytic

Statistics we offer

Portfolio Return and Risk

Across Time-Periods and Base Currencies

Portfolio Comparison

Existing vs Proposed Portfolios

Scenario Analysis

Historical and Hypothetical Scenarios

Market Data

Morningstar, Refinitiv, Lipper and FinMason data

Look-Through Fund Allocations

Across multiple dimensions

Risk Score & Factor Models

1-100 FinScore(TM) and Global 16 Factor Model


Good/Medium/Bad cases for Portfolio Projections

ESG Scores

Scores and components for Equities, Funds and Portfolios

Your Benefits

Shortened time-to-market

Get up and running in a few days.

Easy & Quick integration

Fully platform independent API that delivers all of our analytics and data. Very short integration times.

Fast API

Fast API response times for a delightful user experience (50 millisecond typical calculation time) at massive scale.

Broad & Deep

Global funds, stocks, bonds are covered and we have over 1,000 different analytics.


Easy and fast to add new analytics. Ask us to create your own custom statistics.


Ability to calculate up to 7 billion analytics a day.