The power of analytics.
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FinMason has one of the largest, most scalable investment analytics platforms dedicated to wealth management. We are committed to using our analytics in creative ways to help advisors and clients understand one another and move forward with confidence.

For Publishers

Monetize your efforts while providing your subscribers with useful, evergreen content.

FinScore Widget

An embeddable risk tolerance calculator integrated into a native advertising platform

For Advisors

A risk tolerance assessment that clients love: quick, easy, accurate and understandable.

FinScore Pro

When clients understand that risk tolerance is more than just an obscure label or arbitrary number, they can better see the value of your advice.

For Compliance

Systematically secure an explicit agreement on risk from each client and scan for violations nightly.


Our high-throughput analytics can scan millions of portfolios nightly and flag on any metric, including Monte-Carlo based metrics such as Goal Success.

For FinTech

Low-latency calculations and unique, proprietary datasets to increase your value proposition.


Highly scaled, rapid response calculations. Portfolio factor exposures and risk metrics <20ms. 10,000 iteration Monte Carlo <50ms. All served from RESTful APIs.

Helping your clients understand investing, even if they have no financial training

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