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Having too much risk in your portfolio might mean you won’t be able to survive a market crash.
Having too little risk might mean you won’t be able to achieve your retirement goals.
Finding your risk tolerance means finding your perfect balance between risk and reward.

It’s easy, anonymous, and completely free! That is our mission.


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How to Understand Your Investments in 15 Seconds

  • See if you're on track to meet your retirement goals
  • Make sure you can retire even if the markets are bad
  • See how much you could lose in a crash


You don't have to work on Wall Street to understand your investments

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No fancy financial language. We explain things simply in ways that everyone can understand. Want to know how much you could lose if the market crashes? We tell you straight-up. Because you need to know.


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No part of our organization wants to manage your money or sell you investments. We are 100% independent of Wall Street. We are fanatical about it.

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5 PhDs, 170+ years of combined investment experience, cutting edge analytical systems that examine nearly 6 million investments globally. At some point, we will start showing helpful ads, but for now it is TOTALLY FREE!


We use bank-level encryption protocols to protect your privacy, and more.

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We don’t store anything that could hurt you. No account numbers, passwords, addresses, zip codes, credit cards…we never even ask for your name.

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Understand Your Risk Tolerance

We give you a FinScore from 1 (very conservative) to 100 (very aggressive).
Once investors know their risk tolerance, they can have more productive conversations with an advisor or use it as a guide to help weed out investment portfolios that may not be right for them.

It’s your money. You should know.

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