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FinMason Reaches “30 Million Portfolios Analyzed” Milestone

FinMason, a FinTech firm and investment analytics provider that enables WealthTech platforms to accelerate development and time-to-market, today announced it has analyzed over 30 million portfolios for clients since launching its analytics API service in 2017. In the past six months alone, FinMason analyzed 10 million portfolios – as many as they had in the full year prior. Delivering more than 1,000 investment analytics – including on fixed income – and thousands of data items on 3.7 million securities worldwide, the FinMason API is one of the largest investment analytics platforms in production.

“With asset managers, advisors, and investors focusing greater attention on digital transformation and hyper-personalization, FinTech and WealthTech platform providers continue to discover the value in turning to strategic partners as alternatives to tackling everything in-house,” said Kendrick Wakeman, CEO of FinMason. “By focusing our efforts on one piece of the development puzzle, we hope to help our partners realize their developmental goals more quickly, easily, and cost-effectively so that they can produce a better end product.”

FinMason’s easy-to-use analytics API enables fintech and WealthTech firms to drastically accelerate development by bypassing the costly and time-consuming tasks of sourcing data, cleaning it, and running complex calculations. With just a few lines of code, FinMason can deliver robust analytics and thousands of data items anywhere in a firm’s system so that they can fast-forward to rapid prototyping, iterating on functionality, and A/B testing.

Earlier this year, FinMason was selected by First Rate to deliver third-party ESG data from one of its data partners – OWL Analytics – via its intuitive API.

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FinMason, one of the world’s largest investment analytics engines for financial services platforms, enables WealthTech platforms to accelerate development and time-to-market while retaining control of their user experience. Built with speed, flexibility, and scalability in mind, the financial technology firm calculates and delivers more than 1,000 analytics on every publicly-traded asset in the world via one simple API. For more information, visit